We’re proud of you all for putting in so much hard work into our weekly rehearsals during a challenging creative year!

How exciting! Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we’re doing things a little differently this year. The Elementary Choir’s Showcase will be recorded this Saturday, for viewing from next Wednesday. Please note the below details carefully…

Venue:                                 National Boys Choir of Australia, Casey Studio

Arrive promptly:              9:45am


      • White performance shirt (ironed) – no singlets underneath!
      • Black stagewear trousers – hemmed by you as required before Saturday
      • Black belt – provided by chorister – plain black, no big showy buckles J
      • Black socks and clean polished black shoes (no runners or canvas shoes!)
      • Neat, clean hair
      • Bow ties will be distributed prior to the recording


  • A full change of clothes in the calico bag for your chorister to change into after the recording (trousers and shirt; NOT your stagewear). The calico bag will be left at NBCA after the recording
  • Satchel and music (music will also be left at the studio after the recording)
  • A full water bottle (no snacks, please!)

Depart:                                 12 noon (after choristers have changed into their casual wear)


Don’t forget:                      Your smile and enthusiasm!



The Choir encourages the boys to take pride in their appearance and uniform, particularly when they are representing the Choir in a performance environment. Make sure uniform is ironed, shoes are polished and hair is neat and tidy.

Can you help?

We are on the look-out for one ‘shirt washer’ to launder the shirts after the recording. J We provide laundry soap for front or top loader, hangers for the shirts, and a names list to mark them off.  Please let us know 9872 4480 or if you can assist.  Thank you! 😊

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