National Boys Choir of Australia, 3/9 Pilgrom Court Ringwood

Join us as we see our Junior Choir choirsters graduate to the Performing Choir! Normal weekly rehearsal will occur beforehand.

Yes, the time has arrived – after two years of training the boys are ready to move into the Performing Choir.

On Wednesday, 4 December, the Junior Graduation will follow straight after a shorter rehearsal. The boys will have a 30-minute break between rehearsal and the formalities – an opportunity to gobble a quick bite to eat and stretch their legs.

All boys are asked to bring a small plate of finger food to share – a little something to keep the tummy from rumbling!  This needs to come with the boys at the start of rehearsal.

So that we don’t end up with 35 plates of chocolate crackles or similar, Ms Brook has suggested that boys with chorister numbers from J1 to J30 bring a small plate of savoury food and those with chorister numbers from J31 to J56 something to satisfy the sweet tooth (of course if you have an old faithful that never fails to please, we’d love to try it!)  All foods need to be NUT FREE please.

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