Boys commence with the Choir at about seven or eight years of age. Auditions in schools take place between February and May.

Members of our artistic staff visit many suburban schools around Melbourne and carry out preliminary auditions with boys in grades 1 and 2 for entry into the following year’s training choir. Successful auditionees are invited to attend a final audition in June.

Alternatively, as not all schools can be visited, boys can be booked for an audition in June.

Auditions for entry February 2021 will be held on Saturday 15 August 2020. Click here for more information.

Contact the office (03) 9872 4480 or   to arrange an audition  appointment.

The Choir Structure

Elementary Choristers

The Elementary Choir is the first year training group and boys generally spend 12 months being introduced to basic elements of singing technique, music notation and rhythm.   Other important elements such as stage discipline and performance practice are also introduced. Elementary Choristers currently rehearse each Wednesday afternoon of school term.

Junior Choristers

The Junior Choir is the second year training choir.   After successfully completing the first or Elementary Chorister year, boys move into this year of the Choir’s training program.   Singing technique, notation and performance skills are further developed to prepare for entry into the Performing Choir.   The Junior Choristers currently rehearse late afternoons each Wednesday of school term.

Performing Choir

After successfully completing the two training years, boys are promoted to the Performing Choir.   The boys participate in a wide variety of performances, ranging from major concert events to corporate functions and weddings.   The Performing Choir currently rehearses during school term on a Friday evening, with sectional rehearsals on Monday afternoons.


All rehearsals for the Choir – Elementary, Junior and Performing – are held at 3/9 Pilgrim Court, Ringwood.

Elementary Choristers Wednesday 4.45pm – 5.45pm
Junior Choristers Wednesday 6.00pm – 7.15pm
Performing Choristers Weekly Friday 6.50pm – 9.30pm
Sectional Monday 5.00pm – 7.00pm

Please email us – for more information or phone (03) 9872 4480.

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